Back In The Olden Days

Back when I was a kid
A tear drips down my face as I think about the olden days. Staring at the picture sitting on the window sill. The picture was taken all the the way back when I was a kid. We climbed the wall every day but we were not allowed to. If our parents caught us we would be sorry and if you do not know what I mean, well I don't think you'd want to. Even walking to school we would walk over this wall. I am the one in the middle with the stick. I was the only one that was afraid of falling off the wall, that's why I used that long metal pole. I start to rub the picture wishing it was like this today.

Knock knock
The door was pounding, oh I forgot I'm minding my grandsons and Bill. I open the door and see their faces. Still in their school uniform, I invite them inside. I start to light up a fire for the boys. They asked if they could tell me something. So I went and got them something to drink. I took the drinks to them and they asked if I had ever seen the big wall that is outside their school. I told them yes, that I used to go to that school. Well they didn't know, but now they do. They said that they were demolishing the wall. “What!” I screamed louder than I ever had before.

I asked them to get into the car. We ran to the car turned on the engine and started to drive to the wall. Bill asked where we were going. I said that we were going to stop them from destroying our wall.

We arrived at the wall and saw a really big wrecking ball. I went up to the man and said “stop!”
“What?” He replied.
“I said to stop.”
“Stop what?” he said.
“Stop demolishing this wall.”
“Um sir I don't know what you are talking about.”
“I came down here to stop it.”
“How are you going to stop it, I am in charge of this project. But now I am going to stop it.”
“Why would you start this project anyway?”
“I didn't know about this walls history.”
“Well you should look into it before you start a project next time okay. I'll be going now.”
So got back in the car and sure enough my wife was sitting there with the boys mum. So I said goodbye to the boys and went and had a coffee.