Back In Time

Back in Time
It all began on a gloomy dark morning. The clouds were low and there was a feeling of mystery and panic in the air. A boy called Joseph was at his house asleep. The phone suddenly rang. Joseph answered the phone and it was his uncle Doc. Doc explained that something bizarre was about to happen and that Joseph should go to the lighthouse on Dake Hill where he will be safe and should wait for further instructions.
Joseph arrived at the lighthouse quick enough because he was cold. In a panic, he searched for the lighthouse door. When he found it, Joseph tried to open the door but it was locked. Joseph found a rock and threw it at a small window above the doorway and climbed inside.
Once inside, Joseph was so much happier for it was warm. Out of the corner of his eyes, he found a strange looking machine. On approach, joseph realised that it was a time machine. Suddenly there was a bright light that filled the lighthouse room. Joseph looked out the window and noticed that a shooting star struck the lighthouse which caused the lighthouse to catch on fire. The energy from the shooting star caused the machine to light up and turn on. Joseph felt scared because the lighthouse was on fire but was no longer cold. I a hurry, he jumped up into the time machine and to his delight uncle Doc was inside. Doc was pushing buttons and told Joseph to buckle up. They were heading back in time to avoid the meteor shower descending upon them. They both travelled to 1997and were stuck there. They made a plan to get out of 1997 and back into the 2015 where everything was not old.
Joseph and Doc came back to 2015. When they arrived, they realised that the meteor shower had not caused too much damage and the lighthouse only needed minor repairs. Joseph returned home and felt grateful that Uncle Doc had taken and saved him from the meteor shower.