A Bad Hiking Trip

A Bad Hiking Trip
‘Whoosh!’ I fell into a weird place. “Where are you?” asked Adam. Adam and I were going on a beautiful hiking trip, but then we wanted to go for a slide but all of a sudden I fell into a Fantasy Land with magical creatures which was behind that waterfall I fell in. Who would have known it would lead to a magical land?
‘Thud!’ something fell from a slimy tree. What was that? It was a dark, slobbery beast. It chased after me (like me chasing that mean boy BILLY!) I ran for my life. By the time two minutes passed I was at a dead end. As I hit a tree I realised that my life was over, because as I turned……I……I saw hundreds of the drooling beasts hungry for some flesh from a little girl that was petrified and I was three times their size but with all of them “I was done!”
The beasts were friendly as a friend and they took me away to where castles are mouldy and lollies are sweet and then a “thud!” I fell off and landed safely in a delicious candy land and on the other side of this magical place was a thick black cloud that I could barely see through. When all of a sudden……red, mad demons came out. ‘Oh no?’ I thought. The sweet side was great though, their city loved me. If I was to be in trouble they would help me………..like now “HELP!” I shouted.

The mad demons had caught me. The gingerbread people helped me cut loose, I was free…..but then they came back. The ginger people were useless. I could die. I was almost there (to where I came out), when…..the demons flew across the slimy, gooey trees. They slammed right in front of me. The ginger people were back. They were going to help me survive this violent adventure.
I saw all the bushes I came out of and they were moving side to side. I leaped in. But one of the demons snatched my foot. I wriggled out of the shoe. Then they had my new shoe that my mum just brought me. I was sucked into a hole that lead to the waterfall. I had bloody scratches all over my sore body. I held my breath………..I was back in the waterfall.
I took a deep breath. I looked at the hole. A devil’s head was coming out. I threw a rock at it. “Aahhh!” I screamed. I looked at my bikini. It was a…….”DEVIL’S HORN!!!!!” Adam looked at me like a dog wanting a bone. I’m safe now and that is all that matters in this world.


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