Fairy Land

“Ah! What is happening? Is this a drain or something? I see all these clouds. Then I see fairies. I see a fluffy tree that looks like the trees from The Lorax. I was only walking to school and then I fell into a drain, but I like this place better.
I see a l these cute fairies coming towards me, I scream! One pokes me in the eye. All of a sudden I can’t see! What am I going to do? Five minutes later I still can’t see. “Oh no,” I mumble to myself. ‘Bang’ “What was that?”
I see a pink flying emu that looks like a penguin. I wonder if I can ride it. I hop on its back and it flies me around like it is insane. It is so fun until…a strike of lighting. ‘Boom,’ it hit the emu. I fell off onto a fluffy tree. The poor emu I say to myself.
“Oh no, aha!” I fell off on purpose to a white fluffy tree but that is ok because the ground is made of clouds. A swirling mist! “This is the worst day of my life!” I feel a breeze. ’Whoosh.’
I start walking around a fairy comes up and pokies me on the backside. I fall into the drain. I hit the side of the drain. ‘Bang,’ I hit the side of the drain. Not again. The real world…the bell rings. I dash.
I scratch my leg. I feel something. I wonder what that is. I reach into my pocket. Is that fur?



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