Dance is more than just some steps, it’s all about the passion,
It can tell a lovely story, or delight you with the fashion.
I love moving to the music when I need to clear my mind,
Dancing sets your spirit free and leaves your cares behind.
I love learning different styles of dance, like Ballet, Jazz and more,
So many steps need to be learnt, when you’re on the floor.
So many hours of practise go into every show,
For when the curtains part at last, you must be right to go.
When the music starts, you have to keep the beat,
Knowing all the moves, from your head down to your feet.
The story unfolds to the public delight,
A stunning performance, the best of the night!!
As the music wraps up there’s a cheer from the crowd,
It was a dazzling show that made me feel proud.
Although it was nice coming away with first place,
It was very exciting, it was such a close race!

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