Hacker X

Hacker X
"WAIT WHAT!" yelled Zack "It says [10 seconds to insert code]. "What does it mean?" replied Kayla "DOES IT LOOK LIKE I KNOW KAYLA!?" screamed Zack "Um....no" Kayla said worryingly
"NO-NO-NO..." said Zack as he lost in Monoply "HA HA HA I got you!" Said Kayla "Damit!" Said Zack. Zack and Kayla play a few more games of Monoply and then they see that somethings gone "H-hey um one of my files have disappeared?" Zack said worryingly "What how is that....maybe it's just reordering those files" explained Kayla "right..."sarcastically said Zack "What! My computer does that!?" Kayla said as she tried to apologise "Well when I read the setup and the settings I disabled that" replied Zack "Wait you can do that?!" said confused Kayla "Hello" said the Skype call "What the!" said Zack "All your documents are mine now" said the Skype call "WHAT!" screamed Zack
"Hey...I keep getting strange Skypes" "Yeah me too" said both of them *bing* "Hey I got a link to a.....Facebook account?" said Zack "Go check it out" replied Kayla "Ok" replied Zack *press* "It's his Facebook account" said Zack "His username is [hacker X]" Kayla replies "Strange" "Ok have you been to a website called hack tutorial yet?" asked Zack "Yup" replied Kayla "Well let's hack it!" tolled zack and then they started hacking his Facebook account they used many hacks but they find the right one hack:3945 "Yes!" yelled Zack " What?" asked Kayla "I did it! I did the right hack!" replied Zack "Oh! That's good!...wait no it is showing more hacks damit" replied Kayla "Oh my god MORE!" yelled Zack
After trying 10 hacks did not work but something popped up *ding* "What the?" said Zack [10 seconds to insert code] "Um insert code man!" yelled Kayla "Um...maybe his FACEBOOK account" replied Zack as he inserted his name that flashed for a second *ding* "YES!"screamed both of them "Yes" said Zack quietly "hey lets play some more Monoply" asked Kayla "Yeah" replied Zack.....THE END.



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