Back In Time

Back In Time

Suddenly I was angry!

I was going to go outside but it was raining.

This always happens!

So I thought and thought and thought and then I saw a dog!

So I brought him inside.

He was skinny and awesome just like me.

Then I thought for a name to name the dog I called him Koda.

Koda was a secret agent.

Koda told me.

I was confused I said you can’t be a secret agent.

So Koda took me to his private jet.

I couldn’t believe it.

Koda could drive.

Ten hours later finally we were there.

We walked inside.

I was now the owner of Koda so I had to be a spy.

I said yes I will be a spy.

There were more people that are going to be a spy that wanted to help us there names were Max,James K,Angus,Josh,Joe,Christopher,Henry and Maksim.

Billy told us our mission because Billy was our mission leader.

But I was the leader for our spy group.

We had to listen to our mission.

Our mission was to go to space and to defeat an alien he’s name was Retro.

Retro was going to take over the universe!

So we went to Mars in Kodas jet and suddenly Retro was there.

He shot the window of but didn’t defeat anyone.

So Retro shot Koda!

Koda was the driver koda died!
To be continued!