Fairy Light

?Fairy Light?

‘But is it real Lizzie?’ complained Grace. Lizzie looked annoyed!
‘Please come look for it with me,’ begged Grace.
Lizzie ignored her and got her school books from her locker.
Grace still followed her begging.

She walked home alone because Lizzie had had enough of being pestered.

When Grace arrived home, she slumped her bag on the couch.
‘Grumpy Guts!’ teased her big sister, Stephanie. Grace gave her the death stare. Then there was a knock at the door.
‘Ruff, ruff,’ yapped Lydia the Chihuahua. Steph opened it.
‘Grace it’s for you,’ she muttered. Grace poked out her tongue.

‘Hi,’ murmured Lizzie. ‘I have come to look for your fairy lights,’ she said finally.
‘Did you check under your bed?’ she asked.
Grace’s face looked confused. She told Lizzie what she meant. Grace got ‘the stare’. Fairy light is not real, but Lizzie had agreed to come look for it only to get away from her 3 older brothers.

The two girls packed some food and set off. They walked through a forest very wearily and ate a few snacks. Soon it became cold, windy and dark. Lizzie was pale and suddenly fainted Grace didn’t know what to do. She heard noises all around her. Grace was very tired as it was 10 pm and was terrified. She hugged Lizzie but something was making her sleepy it wasn’t her sleepiness it was something else. . . . .

Something woke the pair. They sat up to find themselves in a glittery palace. ‘Is that Fairy Light?’ asked Grace.
‘I think so,’ whispered Lizzie. They followed it without thinking.
‘What is this place?’ whispered Grace.
‘The fairy light castle. But you can’t stay long as your parents are worried about you!” something whispered.
The light lead them to a golden glittery tunnel. The girls jumped in, but found themselves to be back in Grace’s living room.

‘Was it a dream?’ asked Lizzie.
‘No!’ something whispered. The girls smiled at each other.

‘Where were you girls?’ asked their mums.
‘You’re grounded for three weeks Liz,’ her mum said firmly.
‘You too Grace,’ scowled Grace’s mum.

Grace whispered to Lizzie, ‘So worth it!’ Lizzie smiled back.

That night they both saw the light again. The light left something as it flew away. Together the girls tried to pick up the little bottle of glitter. But as Lizzie grabbed it, Grace accidently knocked it out of her hands. The glass bottle fell to pieces as it shattered on the floor. As their hands touched the surface, the girls’ feet started to lift off the ground. They flew for a couple of minutes but the glitter magic soon wore off.
‘Grace why is there pink glitter all over your floor and why am I flying?’ shrieked her mother the next morning.
The girls looked at each other giggling. . . . . . .


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