I Always Wanted Super Power But Never In One Million Years Did I Think It Would Be

My name is Matt, I am 11, my family is a good family, my parents both work but still we don’t have a lot of money. One day at school, not a very good school, in the science lab there was a pot of waste. It was on the teacher table. At the end of class everyone had left even the teacher, leaving only me in the room. A drop of green, bubbly liquid oozed from the roof and unluckily, unfortunately, catastrophically the whole blob fell into the cup of waste. Boooooom! Gue! Oooooooze!
My luck! The green slim mixed with disgusting waste it was all over me. Having heard the commotion all the teachers came running and in no time a look of shock was on all their faces. They carefully carried me to a car dripping green waste as we left. I was cleaned up at the doctors and they said all will be fine.
I went home, I was starving hungry so I was searching in the fridge which had barley anything to offer. After a while I went to the toilet, when I was done I went to the sink to wash my hands when I started to feel nauseous. I looked up into the mirror and saw my face was turning an awful shade of green and my stomach began shaking and making a loud churning sound. Suddenly, $50 notes were spewing out of my mouth and were flying through the bathroom! My mind was racing, I thought it must be a side effect of the glob of disgusting waste that had landed on me!
I put one of the $50 notes on a plate and my parents said, “Where did THAT money come from? You know we need money to pay bills that’s $50!!” We went to the real estate to pay some of the bills, the boss was there so we gave him the money. He sniffed the money strangely and said “I love the smell of money” I started laughing so hard because he had no idea where the money had come from. Mum said, “Why did you laugh at the boss?”
I sat down and told my mum the whole strange story, she didn’t believe me until I went into bathroom and showered her with too many $50 notes to count. So 2 months later we were living the life of the rich, I attended a great school, lived in a dream house. Strange things happen and dreams do come true.