Harry The Goblin

Once upon a time at Wizard World, there was a boy. He might sound intriguing but he isn’t. His name was Harry, and everyone must be thinking “You’re a wizard, Harry” but he wasn’t. He was a normal everyday goblin. Goblins were renowned for being the second fastest in the land. There was only one thing that could beat it and it was the almighty sloth. It was fast as a turtle on land and as a fast as a sea cucumber in sea. Now back to the topic, Harry was a citizen of Sidemen Street; he had many famous people live on his street from big names such as Nicolas Cage to K.S.I. Harry was the only citizen that wasn’t famous in anyway. As Harry was walking home from school he had saw something interesting yet weird in the bushes. So he decided to walk towards the bush, and thought for a minute what could it be. So he decided to walk to the bus even closer to peer at the bush, and the first thing that came to his mind was a Pokémon. He decided to put on his glasses, but he fell in great despair as he just realized that it was a slushie bottle. He decided to walk home before it was late and he wouldn’t feel stupid after the mistake he made. When he arrived home, he had seen a piece of paper stuck onto the front door of his house. He took the piece of paper and read it. As he was reading he had realized that his family was kidnapped by the infamous Gaywen. She was once a goblin who lived a normal life until she fell in a puddle of acid. She was mentally and physically affected. After the incident, she was never seen unless she was up to something bad. This time she parent napped Harry’s parent and from that moment on Harry knew what he had to do. He had to go eat ice-cream and then rescue his parent’s because obviously he loved his parents. After finishing his ice-cream, he decided to go to a friend he knew who could help him with weaponry and location of Gaywen. His friend’s name was Gaywen, not suspicious at all. As Harry started thinking really hard, he had realized something that Gaywen was actually Gaywen. As he realized that he said to Gaywen “why did you this to me, your closest and only friend”. Gaywen replied “finally you realized, as you know I’m Gaywen, the only reason why I did this was because your parents was the one responsible for my accident”. From the background you can hear Harry’s parent saying “YOU ARE THINKING OF THE DOPPLEGANGER TWINS”. As Gaywen thought about it thoroughly, Gaywen remembered it was the Doppelganger Twins and then went to the parent’s and released them. As the parents’ were freed Harry decided to kiss Gaywen so she would feel special.
The End
By Bill 7S1


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