Hamster Hideout

Today, Jojo is so excited because tomorrow is her birthday and she's turning 10 and her mother, father and sister Laya is getting her a hamster. Jojo already knows what she's going to name her-Never. Laya is not exited because she hates hamsters.

The Next Day

Finally, it's the day of Jojo and she was so excited that last night, she wet her bed.
"Eeeeeeeeeek!," screamed Jojo as she took Never out of the cage
Oh not so loud, thought the hamster, I've had a tough night.
"Never, that's your name Never", Jojo said
In a month, Never was settled in perfectly and even Laya started to like her. On the 29th of August, Never suddenly went missing
"Jojo, JOJO", Never shouted but, Jojo had no idea she was saying anything.
"Never!", called Jojo, "NEVER!", but then, nothing happened.
"I'm right here Jojo, right here", Never called, but again, Jojo didn't know Never was saying anything.
Jojo ran down to her mum and dad and cried.
"Jojo, what's wrong", Laya asked.
"I can't find Never", Jojo replied.
"Don't worry honey, she'll show up", said mother,
"Yeah, she'll show up", added Father, "as soon as she relies she needs food".
Back in the bedroom
"Well it looks like I'm gonna have to make my own place for the time being", said Never. So that's exactly what she did.

A Couple Days Later

Some spies came in and tried to kill Never!
"Oh no", said Never, "I'm gonna die".
"Never fear, the Hamster Hideout is here! Never. Is that you", asked one of the three mysterious hamsters.
"Dodo, Doydoy, Meme, is that you?", asked Never
"Yes Never it's us, now help us save you", said meme
So that is what Never did and they kicked hamster butt!
They didn't release that they had been up all day! And right when Dodo, Doydoy and meme left Jojo began to hop into bed and right when she took the off the blanket...
"Never!", she yelled, "you've been here all this time? I've missed you so much! Seriously!!!!!!", she added.
"Jojo",Never yelled! Jojo's family rushed in shouting, "Jojo, did you find Never?"
"Yes I did", Jojo replied. Everybody was so happy and Never gave great thanks to her friends, Dodo, Doydoy and Meme.

And They All Lived Happily Ever After!


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