Man Down!

Man down! Man down!
Time freezes there is no sound,
my brother, my friend, a solider dead on the ground. My heart beats fast,gulping in the iron air as if it was my last. White glazed over eyes,a thousand men dead due to the spies. A single tear shed, yet my brother still lay dead. Even in this state does he have a smile, yet there is not one seen here for over a mile.
Friends till the end, a message to his wife, kids and mother I must send. How they will weep and cry,because after all he was only a common family guy.Growing up a mothers boy he was always taught that, 'a gun is not a toy'.
Who would of thought that he would meet his fate,just before the end of a stalemate.
Survivors gather around not a single dry eye found, still waiting for the funeral march to sound. True mateship is what he bought,
after all the bruising eleven years he fought.
Now he rests under the flag that he serve,
because an honourable death be what he deserves.