Naitsa ran along the roof tops silently. Darting from one roof to the next. He suddenly stopped and sniffed the air. He smelt it, the smell of blood. He landed on another roof and looked down. Into the alley below. The darkness made it hard to see, but he was able to see the silhouettes of two figures below.
He strained his eyes and managed to see the outline of two figures. One was on the floor while the other stood looming over it. The standing figure suddenly ran off ducking around the corner. Naitsa jumped down to examine the body. Blood was seeping through its clothes from the wound in its shoulder, its leg had been twisted the wrong way and its face had been so mangled there was no way to recognize it, but what was the most important was the was the carving of an ‘A’ inscribed into the victims neck. It is him, this is the man who killed my parents, I have found him. Naitsa looked up in the direction the man had run. “I will kill you, you will die today,” he whispered.
Naitsa disappeared into the shadows and ran off. Listening he heard something running up ahead. “187 centimetres tall, 78 kilograms in weight and running 14.7 km per hour,” said Naitsa listening to how heavy and fast the footsteps were. Naitsa started running faster and started to catch up. Then he was a figure up ahead running along the narrow street. Naitsa jumped forward and landed silently in front of the man. He wore a high collared black coat that reached his ankles and a hat that covered his eyes, “you smell of blood,” said Naitsa.
“Ah, I know you, you are Elli and Nathan’s boy aren’t you,” he replied grinning.
“You’re the one who killed them, you monster!” rage built up, Naitsa lunged at the man with his knife.
“Oh, no, no, no you’ve got it all wrong, I didn’t murder them they we asking for it,” the man said looking at the watch on his wrist, “I must be off now. He grinned and the jumped up to a street sign and out of sight on a rooftop. “No, I promised them I’d kill you today,” Naitsa screamed jumping onto the roof after him.
He ran along the rooftops chasing the man. Suddenly a group of knives came hurling at him. They scratched his face and shoulders. “Get back here,” yelled Naitsa. He pulled out his throwing knives ready to aim. Hold on, he thought, if I only throw one knife he will definitely dodge it, if I throw all of them in different directions he will have to run into at least one right. Naitsa took aim and threw them. The man collapsed. Naitsa had avenged his family.

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