Sahanna In The Jungle

"Come on! Higher!"
It was a very hot and sunny day in Darwin. I was in the backyard sitting on my see-saw when my friend, Jillrey came and jumped onto the see-saw and sent me flying up into the air. When I looked down, I saw that I was flying across an ocean. I was stunned!
l flew all the way to Asia and landed on a tiger's back! I noticed it was no ordinary tiger. It had purple and black stripes, not orange and black. I felt really scared. I was panicking! I was shocked! I didn't know what to do or where I was!
Suddenly, the tiger said, "How do you do?" I was flabbergasted! I was lost for words! Then I found my words and asked the tiger, "Where am I?" The tiger replied, "You are in the rainforest of Borneo." I was amazed that I had travelled from one continent to another! "I came from Australia! I was playing on my see-saw in my backyard! How on earth would I get home?"
Then the tiger whistled and all the animals that lived there came marching out singing a strange song that goes like this....TU-TU-TU-squeak-squeak, TU-TU-TU-squeak- squeak-TU-TU-TU-squeak- squeak, TUU-TUU-YAH! I was prancing to the tune when suddenly the tiger shouted, "STOP! STOP! STOP! We have to build something to catapult this little girl all the way back to Australia!"
The animals immediately got to work. The elephants started knocking down a tree. When the tree finally fell down, the herbivores in the jungle started eating up all the leaves. It was an amazing sight to see!
Soon they were left with the bark. They used it to create a see-saw. I hopped onto their see-saw and said thank you and good bye to all my new animal friends. I felt a bit scared, so I just held my breath in. An elephant named Elly stepped up and jumped onto the other end of the see-saw. I went flying into the air. I saw a whole lot of greenery below me. Soon I was flying over the ocean, just like before. Before long, I was back in Australia and landed on the trampoline in my backyard!
What a brilliant adventure I had had! Or was it just a dream?

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