Never had Zemma and Zella’s planet been so chaotic. Both sides had clashed together and started trying to hurt anything in their way of getting to the spaceship, getting them to the so called planet “Earth”. This was the third day of fighting and no one had tried to stop the mad aliens though someone had made a plan…
As the bright sun crept up announcing that the fourth day had arrived, like a news reporter, Zella stood up.
‘I’m not watching anymore of this fighting. It’s not right especially on my own land!’ she yelled and marched out through to the mess. Zemma ran after her and dragged the little alien back to the shelter, telling her off, but as she told her little sister about the consequences about trying to stop the war, Zella silently crawled away to the end of their cave and created her plan. She WOULD do this. She would just have to get Zemma on board.
‘Fine!’ snapped Zemma after being asked a million times if she could help, ‘what’s the plan?’ Even though it was extremely dangerous, she agreed to participate in fighting with her sister. After all, this was just a game, wasn’t it?
‘Okay this is the big day are you ready to do it?’ Zella whispered. Nodding, Zemma’s heart gave a twist. This was not a game it was for real! Realising she was very late to figure this out Zemma looked up-her sister had run onto the war ground. BANG! A gun shot. Zella crashed to the ground like a great whale leaping back into the water after taking a breath. Everything went quiet. People were running onto the ground, aliens had put a hold to the war. Tears flooding down her purple face; she kneeled down, curling up in a ball next to the cold little alien who she had not appreciated five minutes ago. Her Mum and Dad ran over to her, pushing the small community out of the way. Aliens all around her whispered and muttered.
‘Everyone be quiet! Zella wasn’t stupid; she was the smart, brilliant one out of all of this. She only wanted to stop this. She knew that somehow this was going to end badly but no one would listen to her. This had made her upset as people wouldn’t listen to her no matter how important it was. She wanted everyone to get along because she believed that every individual alien should be treated the same way, because everyone is worth the same amount!’ yelled Zemma and with that she wiped her eyes and bowed her head. Everyone bowed down and shook hands after her.
‘So Auntie Zella died to emancipate us, to show us what’s right?’ Zenee asked her Mum, Zemma. Indicating that that was true, Zemma nodded her head sadly but proudly. The story of the Great Warrior Zella had been spread throughout the planet. Everybody knew the truth. And everybody had changed because of it.


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