Fire-Raptor was my creation; it is my fault that they are dead. They were wrong when they said that the dinosaurs would eat everybody. I own ‘Mesozoic Land’, it is on a small island off the coast of Miami. It was up and running for a while, before Fire-Raptor malfunctioned. I was not making enough income off the dinosaurs. Well, I thought I wasn’t anyway. I got greedy and wanted more, the Australian government told me I was mad, that they would cut my funding if I did it. I laughed at them and said that I didn’t need them. I said I didn’t need any sponsors. Universal studios caught wind of that and pulled their funding. They told Cuba and Costa Rica as well and they cut me off. Naturally Australia and me had grown further and further apart over the years. They didn’t even think about the breakaway. I had soon spent all of my money on him. If you can even call it that. I was broke, and therefore had no money for anything to help survive it.
It rampaged around our island, killing EVERYTHING. You could tell it wanted us dead the most because it had had many encounters with us. Somehow we survived. Somehow it survived. We shot it with a mini-gun. NOT DEAD. Our doctor ran it over in ‘Ural 4320’. NOT DEAD. Our security team SHOT HIM WITH A TANK!!!NOT DEAD. Marcus, my Spinosaurus, ate him. MARCUS EXPLODED!!! NOT DEAD. He also ate a bunch of incredibly sick people. I mean, it’s a robot but really, that didn’t affect it at all!
It didn’t necessarily eat anything. It just tore them to shreds in an eating like manner. The moment people heard that it got out they left my island. All of the boats and planes were gone in an hour. None of them came back, even though they were all MINE!!! A few civilians got stuck on the island because they didn’t catch the departing vehicles in time. Most of those civilians are dead at the time of me writing this. It killed my pets, Gary the Ornithomimus, I met him in Alexander the Tyrannosaurus-rex’s’ (now dead) stomach. InGen & Masrani, my 2 bald Utahraptors, Masrani is blue, and InGen is brown, Universal studios gave me the rights to their names. Masrani is blue like Blue from ‘Jurassic World’© and InGen is like The Big One from ‘Jurassic Park’©.
I am currently in the sewers, with a bunch of other people; such as my son, my wife, a random civilian and Masrani is sitting in the corner with third degree burns. I’m pretty sure Masrani is dead because he hasn’t left that corner for three DAYS. My wife is still hopeful; she says that his food disappears through the night. I’m pretty sure that rats are eating it.
I am sure that this is probably my first, and last journal entry
Fire-Raptor is mine,I take full responsibility…


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