Walkway Of Secrets

The Walkway of Secrets
As I walked into the door, silence was upon me. I introduced myself and sat down at my desk, at Ballarat High School. It was scary at first but I got used of it. The school was huge and I almost got lost. It was like a magical world that no one can discover. I took a walk down the hallway and discovered something unusual. Something amazing and scary at the same time. It was a secret walkway. I didn’t know how to explain it, it was like I was in two worlds. Magical worlds.
The next day I was excited to explore the secret walkway. I rushed my work to see it. Everyone was staring at me so I thought, that wasn’t a good time to see the Secret Walkway. I waved at the kids that where staring at me and walked away like nothing happened. For the past day people have been curious about my weird behaviour. I don’t care about those people, they can stare at me all they want, I thought, but nothing is going to stop me.
The next day something bad happened, the teacher asked me what I was doing after recess and after lunch. I said, I was going to the toilet and rushing back to class. The teacher told me it was prohibited to walk around in school hours, I apologized and walked back to class. During class I thought about how to get into the Secret Walkway without people seeing me. Well it is Saturday tomorrow and that is when everyone has a break from school, so that is when I am going to explore the Secret Walkway.
It was Saturday morning when I went to school grounds. I was excited, really excited. As I walked into the Secret Walkway, I realised that it didn’t have a name. So I called it, The Walkway of Secrets. I was excited to find out the secrets. I walked in slowly and saw a box, a treasure box. I opened up the lid and it had shiny bottles that had clouds in them. It was memories of every ones secrets. I picked one up that had my name on it, pulled the cork out of the bottle and listened. i heard voices saying my secret. I thought that I should get out of here before any one finds out.
It is the end of the school year and I was a bit upset that I was leaving the town and the Walkway of Secrets for a holiday. I knew it will be waiting for me when I get back. As I walked to the car I heard some voices again. The same voices when I was in, The Walkway of Secrets.