Waddles was a penguin, a cute and dandy penguin. He lived with his BFF Piggly, he was a nice and cool pig. But Dotty the cat was not nice. She was an evil and colourful cat.
They all lived in a scary and spiky forest. They also lived in a cave near a swamp with frogs and daffodils.
The pig and the penguin loved to play chase every day. But they would never ever become friends with Dotty. Never, ever!
Dotty had to make a plan to get rid of Piggly and Waddles. Piggly and Waddles had to find out what Dotty’s plan was. So they made a plan as well. They started it straight away.
But what they didn’t know was that Dotty was at the back of their cave. Oh, no!
So they went out of their cave, looked left and right but nothing was to be seen. They tried again and again and again, but still nothing was to be seen.
Piggly and Waddles had thought of their plan. It was to sneek as quietly as possible to Dotty’s cave and have a fight with her!
Dotty only had a shield and Piggly and Waddles had a sword. The fight began, it was fierce! Piggly and Waddles fought and won the fight.