Once upon a time in Aussie Kingdom there lived a beautiful young echidna named Luna. Luna loved to play so when Wally the cranky old wombat walked past Rosy Valley Luna wanted to play, but when Luna started to play with him he decided to run away.
“G’day mate,” said Rusty the old red kangaroo.
‘Whatever’ thought Wally and at that he walked up the hill and down into his hole.
“Come on Luna we need to see your mother!” said big old Rusty.
“Okay Rusty,” laughed Luna and skipped over the hill.
They walked across the sand and saw Big Wally.
“How are you?” Asked Rusty politely.
“Better if you weren’t here!” exclaimed Wally.
“Well, see you later then!” Rusty grunted.
‘I’ll get you, you little devil’ Thought Wally as he sat under the big gum tree.
Meanwhile Rusty and Luna didn’t think they were going to find Luna’s mum so they started to head back home. Rusty dropped Luna off to her place and put her gently in the bed of leaves. Then he walked back to his place.
“I wonder if I should have left Luna there by herself.” Rusty said to himself. Just to be on the safe side he decided to go back, but when he got there Luna was gone.
“Uh oh!” Said Rusty. Just then Matilda, Luna’s mother waddled in.
“I’m sorry I lost Luna!” Said Rusty sadly. So they set off to find her. While they were looking Wally was struggling to hold the spikey little Echidna he had kidnapped.
“Help me!” sobbed Luna.
Rusty was too far away to hear poor little Luna.
Suddenly, “Splash!” Wally had thrown Luna into the river. The box Luna was in started to fill up with water.
“Oh no!” cried Luna, missing her Mum.
“Luna! Luna!” She could hear Matilda calling her.
“Mum!” Called Luna calmly.
“I can hear her, she’s in that box!” Yelled Rusty.
The box drifted by with Luna inside, she began to cry.
“Mummy!” sobbed Luna, starting to believe she wasn’t going to escape.
Matilda used some grass to weave a rope to pull Luna to shore, before long the grass rope was long enough to wrap around the box. They pulled Luna in and Wally was arrested for kidnapping.