Harry Potter

It was 8 o'clock at night the library was closed but l was still hiding there with a book called HarryPotter. I slowly grabbed the book and put it on the ground. I took ten steps back. l raced and l jumped straight into the book.

When l jumped straight into the book Harry Potter team were playing Quidditch .The Quidditch ball hit straight to my head like a rocket. When the ball hit me l asked to my self "am l in heaven am l"?

A giant named Hagrid came out . I yelled out Monster!!! I was terrified. I called out "MUMMY". But l just realised that l was in the the book and she could not help me right now.

Hagrid said "Don't worry l'm not a monster". "Say what" Hagrid said"
You can visit lots and lots of amazing places". So l went to visit fables places lice the magic tree ,shops and lots more amazing places. But then it was time to go home . Other wise my mum will be searching for me or worse l will be grounded.

I said " good bye and then jump"." Ow l'm still in the book"l raced to Dumbledore. I screamed"Dumbledore could you please help me get home please"l cried ? Dumbledore nodded we raced were we first meet them in the Quidditch game. Dumbledore put a magic spell and send me home. I was happy but when l went home mum had an angry face Ohhh Ohh.....


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