Harrison's Weird Day

Once in a Lego World far far away, Harrison woke up early in the morning. He got dressed into his work clothes, brushed his teeth and then he walked off to the construction site.

The construction site was just across the road from where he lived. Houses and tall skyscrapers were being built at the site. When he got there he started to look for Riley, but he couldn't find him.

He started to panic so he ran around shouting his best buddies name. Harrison went to the mine next door to the construction site to see if Riley was there.

First Harrison got his gear from the gear man called David. He asked David if he had seen Riley. David said he saw Riley ride a mine cart down the oldest mine they had just yesterday afternoon. Riley must of forgotten the tracks were broken.

Harrison ran into the mine down beside the tracks. He found Riley hanging from the broken and slippery tracks. Harrison quickly tied his winch to Riley's winch and pulled his friend up.

Riley was so happy to be alive, he took Harrison for an ice-cream. Riley told Harrison they could always be best friends forever.



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