Jade's Garden

The gravel crunches under my feet as I trudge on, eager to explore,
I follow the path and see an avocado tree, the gems hidden away from layers of leaves,
But when I slip in I am surrounded by green, avocados and leaves are the heavens above,
Then I go further and see a passion fruit tree,,
two lonely fruits of midnight purple, dangling from the tangled vines,
I walk on and see a raspberry bush the ruby red calling me as I pinch one off,
My tastebuds explode,
The smell of lemons fill my nose as we discover the growing tree,
White, yellow and pink, the magnolia trees stand tall and proud,
Flashing their iridescent colours until we find a pebbled path ,
Bushes sprinkled with little white bulbs,
Long grass blades swish and sway,
Flashes of pink red and white ,
The smell of mint as I crush the leaf ,
The sour grapes from the twisting snakes,
Then into the house we go,
Leaving behind Jade's Garden.


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