A Better Life

“Quick Dad quick,” I yell at the top of my lungs. I am the only one who can see the fast approaching car speeding around the bend.
The two cars suddenly collide making our car go mid air, i feel a moment of peace like i’m flying until our car comes crashing down and all hell breaks loose. From this moment my life would never in the slightest way be the same again. Our car is wobbling on it’s side back and forth, tears roll down my cheeks as i shake my little sister and she doesn’t wake up. Neither does Mum or Dad. I scream for someone to help, anyone at all but it’s already too late.

The day is bright and sunny, but it feels like the darkest gloomiest day in the world. It only feels like moments since the accident and I watch my beloved Sister, Mum and Dad disappear into the dark soil forever. It is all my fault i should've told Dad sooner. But it doesn’t matter now I will never get the chance to apologize. There is no one who will ever replace them, there is no one I will ever love more, there is no one left.

5 years later…….
“Chop, chop, get up kids this house isn’t going to clean itself you know,” Brittany screamed. Well at least that's what i think she said, after all these years I’ve learnt it’s better not to pay attention to what she’s says. Oh and while you’re at it clean the toilets angel, she said directly looking at me. It’s been five years since the accident and my life just seems to keep getting worse. I decide this isn’t the life my family would want for me so it changes now.
Tonight i am going to escape!
As I lie awake and listen for the sound of silence in the house, I plan how I am going to flee from this horrible nightmare. I hear the last light being switched off. I secure my backpack, and slip into my runners. I am ready. I run out side.Slipped under the door is a dusty note, I open it in suspense, it says Dear Bradley this is your family we are alive. I feel confused but smile with glee anyway!!!!!!


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