Baby Jack

Once upon a time there was a tiny human born, he was about one centimetre big. He grew up in age but he didn’t grow in height. His parents Helen and Josh were about three centimetres long. One day when Jack was a year old, he ran away in to a forest. Helen and Josh were worried and went looking for him. Jack did not know where he was, he thought he was lost but he was not, because his mum and dad where just one bush behind him.
An hour later, the normal sized humans came for a walk and they dropped their new camera, but they did not notice. Jack found the camera but he did not know what a camera was. He thought of what it could be, and then he thought it was a house so he found a ladder and went inside it. Jack’s parents were still looking for him, shouting and yelling his name so he could yell back and they could track him down. Jack heard them, but he did not want to go back because he saw all these wires, they made him curious to think about what this object really was.
Jack spent days trying to figure out what this odd object was. As the days increased, his parents started to worry more and more, they thought they might have lost Jack forever. One day Jack climbed to the top of the camera, there his foot slipped and he accidentally pressed a button. There was a flash of light, a strange clicking noise came out of the camera and then a huge picture came out of the side, it was a picture of the bush in front of the camera. In seconds, Jack figured out what this strange object does, he named it Camera, a strange name for a strange object! He carried the camera home with the help of a tiny wheelbarrow made from leaves and sticks, there he hugged his worried parents who were very happy to see him safe and happy.
Jack decided to take a happy family photo with his camera and they all lived happily ever after.