DA Blueberry's


One day Bla the blueberry was playing with his friends Fuzzy and Bluey when the really mean king cheeseball came along with his assistant Cheezy . They ran into a forest then Rocks the rock found them. Rocks asked them whats wrong? Fuzzy was the youngest but still said king cheeseball came along with his assistant Cheezy oh no said Rocks. Bla you might want to see this explained Bluey . They all walked over and they saw a giant castle . Fuzzy screamed and ran behind a tree .i’ll get her sighed Bluey . When Bluey came back she said I have bad news Fuzzy’s gone. Oh no gasped Rocks and Bla we have to find her shouted Bla yes sir shouted Rocks. But where would she be? Explained Bluey I don’t know yelled Rocks. Then they suddenly heard an owl say look behind you so they turned around and they saw king cheeseball going to his castle. He had Fuzzy with him. Luckily Rocks knew a way into the castle. On the way Bla found a sign that said welcome to cheese cheeseball Bluey found a shop called cheesecat and Rocks found a crown. When they got into the castle they found Fuzzy sitting at a table crying with the cheeseball in front of her. Bla was really stealthy so he snuck up and grabbed Fuzzy. Fuzzy was so mad at the cheeseball that she tried to kill him. They eventually stopped Fuzzy and walked back through the forest and when they got home there was a cake that said welcome home.
The end