Sacred Rose Diamond

Sacred Rose Diamond
Once upon a time there was a Penguin called Flappy. He lived in a igloo on a planet far far far away. The Legendary Sacred Owl visited Flappy’s igloo. Owl asked Flappy if he could help him make a legendary potion to make bad people good.

Before Owl left, he told Flappy it will be dangerous. Next Owl talked to Snappy the Crocodile who was Flappys neighbour and Owl asked Snappy the same thing a he asked Flappy.

Snappy was happy to help. Next he asked Trappy the Cave troll. He was Snappys neighbour. Owl asked as he had asked the other two. Owl teleported the friends to the Rose Diamond Cave. The friends had to receive the Rose Diamond from the centre of the cave. The challenge they had to do was the ice slide. Flappy could do this challenge took some rope tied it to a rock and slid down the slide, tied it to another rock a down came the two other friends.

They kept going until they found the next challenge. The next challenge was a huge dam. Snappy was the only one who could swim down to the bottom of the dam. At the bottom was a huge fish. Only Snappy could take it down. Snappy went down and battled the fish. Snappy won.
The friends said
They got the key and unlocked the locked door.

The friends went on. They got to the final challenge getting the rose diamond. Trappy was an expert at this. He turned into a rock slipped past the cave guardians and got the rose diamond and they all ran for there lives. They all got out of the cave safely and teleported back. They finished the mission and the potion work and they lived happily ever after.


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