Excellence Award in the 'Word Zone 2016' competition

One day, a young boy was passing through a town. The town was new to. him as he was to it! And so it was natural that he kept looking at practically every building,park,street and individual he passed with great curiosity. While doing so, a strange thing drew his attention. He noticed that there were loud noises emanating from many houses. He tried to discern what those noises were all about; and he understood that these were arguments between family members. However he noticed from other houses, there emanated sounds of laughter and fun. This made him curious and he thought about the, reasons for such a difference.
He kept on walking and came across a person who looked like a saint. This individual had a flowing white beard and sat on a little rock. From the glow on his face the boy guessed that the saint was ready to answer his query. The boy asked the saint, ”Can you tell me reason for so much difference in the sounds emanated in the houses here".
The saint replied, ”I will tell you the answer better by means of a demonstration. See me tomorrow, bring me a few live crabs, a jar and a piece of sweet.”
The next day, the boy came back to the saint bringing with him the three items he had sought. The saint put all the crabs in a jar and asked the boy to observe what was happening inside the jar. The boy noticed the crabs were trying to climb the wall of the jar. He also noted, however, that they were pulling each other down. As a result none of them were succeeding in climbing up, and they were falling down in turns. Obviously, with all their efforts going to waste they couldn’t help but feel rather unhappy and frustrated.
The saint then asked the boy to place the piece of sweet on the ground and observe what was happening. The boy, having done as told, observed that after a short while an ant came across the piece of sweet. immediately, the ant left and brought his friends with him.
The boy had a surprise of a lifetime when the ants lifted the huge piece of the sweet and the ants took it away.
The boy understood that more than anything else it is the attitude towards every member of his family that matters the most, and is responsible making or marring his relations with them.
A family is neither a curse or a bliss
As both are human creations
Each family member can experience bliss
Each family member can enjoy their family relations

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