Ode To A Toffee

Sticky sweet toffee I see you so,
That scrumptious sweet smell I just can't say no.
The joy I feel when you come to me,
That happiness I feel that you just can't see.

When I grab you from that confectionery store,
All I'm thinking is do I need some more.
If I eat you all up what can I say,
I won't have that sweet joy the very next day.

As much as I love you my mum won't allow it,
To have you every day - not even an hour.
She says that it's unhealthy and bad to eat,
When I have you I need to make my room neat.

I have to do so much work to have you,
But it's worth every bit because you like me too.
Instead of having you;something I really hate,
Broccoli, asparagus and veggies on a plate.