A Ballad Of Mazi And Meg

Mazi my horse she never displeased. Fantastic on the course, against the other steed. I rode the lass, won many places betted some cash, got many places.
We went in a race, one-day, she never missed a pace, this was in May.
But Mazi broke a leg! I was so sad, I had to ride Meg, Who was always mad.
I did Meg’s mane, and she kicked my back. She was so vain, I went to my shack.
I read, And went to Megs stall. I wanted to go to bed, but I heard dad call.
Mazi was gone! Where could she be? Dad called John, my husband to be.
Finally we found her, with my cat Lily, who let out a purr, My she was silly.
She is back in her stall now, her leg all better.
She plays with my cow, I just let her.


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