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Mysterious Elements (Short Story)

by Charlie Harper, Grade 5, NSW

I’ve always wanted a superpower, but never in a million years would I have thought it would be this…
Wait for it… I’m able to fly through my mouth. I discovered this unfortunate superpower completely by accident in science one morning at school. Mr Reagan (my teacher) said “This morning we’re doing experiments. Mix any chemicals you like, but be careful, got that?”
“Yes. Mr Reagan.” We all said and we hurried to our desks.
My friends made a disgusting concoction that nobody wanted to touch, and they dared me to drink it. (Mr Reagan was outside, so he didn’t see a thing). I drank it, and of course, I was silly back then and from there on I had a superpower, but it was so odd that I didn’t realise I had it until the next day. It was sports day at school, and we had to do running after it. I was huffing and puffing, but not like normal. Every time I breathed in heavily, I start to float in the air. Every time I breathed out heavily, I went back down to the ground. I’ve spent twenty years trying to figure out how to control this weird superpower and so far I know this:
1. You control it like a boat with a rudder, breathe to the left of you to go right, breathe to the right of you to go left, in front of you to go backwards, and behind you to go forwards.
2. It’s extremely tiring. My friends from school obviously blabbed about my little secret, because now news channels from all across the country know about it, so I decided that if news crews know about it, then I might as well share my ( not so much new) secret with the rest of the world. And to this day I still fly across the world and tell children the story. I’m telling you right now, where I got my superpower, when I got it, every single thing.
“Any questions?” I always ask after I tell the story and to my surprise the children ask the same questions.
“What do you like the most about your super power?”
“Well, I especially like that I can go to places quickly when I need to.” I always say.
“And what do you dislike the most?”
“Hmmm, I like everything about it, everything. But if I had to be honest, it would be that I’m stuck with it… forever!

Merit in the 'Word Zone 2016' competition

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