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Dog Ship (Short Story)

by Marlee Bevan, Grade K, NSW

Once upon a time, a girl was playing with dogs and then she made a rocket. The dogs barked at the rocket and then the dogs went with the girl and then they blasted off. On the way, they met Professor Smartypants. He played with them and then boulders came and almost hit the rocket. They got lost. They called for help because the storm broke the windshield.
After the storm finished, they went to a bone shaped planet. They looked far away at their planet and said they should go. They said bye to the animals on the bone shaped planet. They went in the rocket and they fell asleep on the way home.
Aliens invaded the ship when they woke up. They did silly stuff on the ship, like breaking the steering wheel and pushing different buttons on the ship that they didn't know what they do. The people and dogs said, “No.” The aliens looked at them and said, “We were just playing,” but the dogs and people said, “But we don’t like you playing on our ship, please don’t” and the aliens went away.
Soon they got home on planet earth. Then they went to lay on the lounge and watch TV.

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