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The Friend (Short Story)

by Piper Legge, Grade 6, NSW

“Wake up! Wake up!” yelled Mum.
“Okay...” I said in a weary voice.
“Get up, you’ll be late for your first day at school!” shouted Mum.
“Oh crap!” I screamed at Mum. Oh, by the way, my name is Angel. Ding dong, the doorbell went. “Mum, can you please get the door. I’m getting dressed!” Mum opened the front door.
“Look who is here darling,” said Mum.
“Who is it?” I asked.
“It’s your friend, Amelia,” said Mum as I raced down the black spiral stairs.
“Hi Amelia,” I said huffing and puffing. “Let’s quickly get to school or we’ll be late.” “Bye Mum!” I yelled as I raced out of the door.
I could just see my new school ahead of us. It seemed to take an eternity, but we finally made it to the entrance gate. I was thinking that this school was going to be the best school I’d ever been to in my life, as everything was perfect. As I walked down the hall, the Principal found me and helped me find my classroom. My first class was history, which freaked me out as I hate history and, it’s my worst grade. To my surprise, the school started to melt in front of my eyes and turned into a toxic wasteland! Amelia then appeared, as if out of nowhere, running towards me. “Thank God you’re okay!” I said in a sickening voice. Amelia started to laugh. To my horror, she was melting too and pushed me into a pitch black room. I tried to find a wall or something, anything, but instead I found a fresh dead body on the ground. “Gross!” I yelled in a horrified voice. I started to hear beeping noises, it wouldn’t stop. I woke up in my room petrified.
“Phew,” it was just a bad dream after all. I got up, out of bed to turn the alarm clock off, but all I could see was Amelia, holding a knife...

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