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The Dumb Rocket Raccoons! (Short Story)

by Aaron Pech, Grade 3, NSW

Once in a dumb zoo, on a dumb day, three very dumb rocket raccoons were put in a cage. John, the big meanie was guarding the cage. At first to break the cage, smack, he had to fart on John. John would smack the cage with his stick and break it. BAM! They would be able to escape John. So they tried it and it somehow worked, but after that day the news spread like wildfire.
The raccoons still left their stink trail so John followed it and found himself in a dead end. There were random buttons. He pressed the odd one out and BOOM! The wall opened up, he went through and then saw the rocket raccoons. Then in a flash, they disappeared into space and when they came back, they held space tacos in their fists and threw them at John. He ate the tacos and then he shrunk until he was the size of an ant. They squashed him, but then John grew back to his normal size. The raccoons made John stink. Then they went back to the zoo, John hated them so much that he let them escape.
Finally, John got in trouble by his boss, plus he had got fired. He had to clean up the rubbish everyday. Eventually he got his job back. He called his friend Professor Stink to help him find the raccoons because he had the stink-finder 5000! Professor Stink was starting to use it, but then it exploded, BANG! They found themselves in a different dimension. “John, where are we?” shouted Professor Stink.
“I don’t know, aren’t you meant to be the brains?” shrieked John.
“Wait, is that why you called me?" asked Professor Stink.
“Yeah!” screamed John. The Professor said, “I know where we are.”
“Where?” said John.
“Ice Island,” replied Professor.
“NO!!!” screamed John. They were stranded for the rest of their lives and the raccoons were safe.

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