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A Donkey's Story (Short Story)

by Bavishgar Paramoharan, Grade 4, NSW

I was in the market looking for a good pet. Afghanistan was fighting for their freedom as the Taliban are terrorizing the whole country so I had to look for a good animal as a pet to carry food to the market. Oh, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Rafeeq. I live in Afghanistan where I am poor. My mother could not come because it is the Taliban rule that females cannot walk with males.
I walked down the aisle of the market when I came across a pet shop filled with animals such a pigs, goats and chickens. I then saw some donkeys on the corner of the shop. I went through all the donkeys but none of them suited me. I approached the final donkey he stared at me with bulging cute eyes as if he was going to burst into tears if I don’t buy him. He had soft fuzzy skin which was white. I bought him and the cashier charged me 85 pieces of gold. It was lucky had 95 pieces of gold. He gave me my $10 change and I left home on my surprisingly handsome donkey.
My mother was happy with what I had bought. My sister, who is 1 year older and is called Soraya, was terribly mean to me and all I could see on her was envy. The only thing I can tease about her is how shorter she is than me. Every day I went to School and the market on my helpful donkey. Now a days I call him Handsome.
One day my sister was terribly sick and I had to get the medicine from the market. I set off with Handsome. I was almost there when Handsome started to over react to something. But what? I looked up it was a bullet! I closed my eyes. I suddenly heard a “JUMP!” Before me. I opened my eyes he had died because of the bullet. I burst into tears. I ran to the market and bought the medicine and ran back to my dead donkey. Some villagers passed by and helped me to drag Handsome. I arrived home and told the whole story to my family even Soraya felt sorry. After what happened my mother was too frightened to live in Afghanistan so we tried to get a visa to Australia.

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