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Amanda's Life (Short Story)

by Georgie Anne Flanagan, Grade 5, NT

I was on my soft bed drinking a cold cup of water, looking outside my window at the town below. How peaceful it was, with people walking down the street. Then I see my Papa. I ask Miss Maddie if I could leave the orphanage and she whispered in my ear, “Well you have to do five extra jobs tomorrow, how about that?” I replied saying,” Okay Miss Maddie.” So I rushed down the staircase to see Papa standing outside the door of the orphanage. He told me that he needed to speak to Miss Maddie now. I was thinking, why would he want to talk to Miss Maddie? He has never come in here looking so serious. I decided to secretly follow him inside the orphanage. He walked straight into Miss Maddie’s room and slammed the door shut. I stood there waiting for him so I could talk to him when he came out. Papa walked straight out of the orphanage. Suddenly he fell to the ground. I rushed down the stairs past Miss Maddie’s office and then I heard him trying to breathe. I yelled out to Miss Maddie, but by the time I yelled out he had already died, in a flash. Now I was forced to be a cleaner at the orphanage.
That was the life of poor Amanda and still to this day she goes out to the tree that Papa’s soul is buried underneath. Amanda believes that Papa is always with her.

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