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Escape From The Storm (Short Story)

by Jack Merrick, Grade 2, NSW

BANG! The clouds were like black demons laying a billion black eggs. The rain was like blue bricks as if they were trucks. The lightning was as white as bowling balls but one thousand times heavier. Everything was collapsing and bashing.
“Jack what should we do?” panicked Lucas.
“I don’t know!” replied Jack
Both boys stood while the storm raged and wild water rose, more damage, more flood.
“The first thing we need to do is get home from school,” said Jack.
“Have a look, the gate is open! “exclaimed Lucas.
They ran quickly.
“Come on, we might get by a bent tree!” yelled Jack
Trees were falling there was nothing they could do.
“Floods have risen, we have to get out of this mess. “wailed Lucas
“HEY!” said someone in the distance.
“Dad, we were looking for you!” Jack and Lucas said excitedly.
“Can you take us home faster than Usain Bolt?” yelled Jack.
“I’ll try.” replied Dad.
They ran home quickly to be safe and have a rest.
“YAY, we are home! “screamed Lucas as loud as thunder.
They walked inside and had a hot cocoa.
“What if the storm is a monster? “asked Lucas curiously.
“I don’t think so; it’s just a storm “said Jack.
The boys felt splendid because they had escaped the tremendous storm.

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