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A Normal Chore (Short Story)

by Erica Eather, Grade 6, NSW

CLANK, CLANK, CLANK! I can hear my footsteps as they collide with the rocky, grey pavement. The sky is as blue as my free flowing skirt. The fluffy clouds are big, fat, cotton balls floating across the sky. The bark on the apple trees are long lengths of thick, brown, rough crocodile skin. The vibrant, red, blood stained apples sway in the warm comforting breeze, while the green leaves dance to the music inside the wind.
The road is like volcanic rock that has been cooled over millions of years. I pass a cold, wooden, lifeless bench. It looks so sad just sitting all alone. Quickly, I move my head to look at the ground. My worn sandals look like they’re about to snap. As I stare at my sandals, I come across a two dollar coin. I pick it up so slowly that a turtle would’ve beaten me to it.
My head is turned by a small girl who has fallen over. Her knees are grazed. This little girl reminds me of Izzy, my younger sibling. I haven’t thought about Izzy ever since we lost her to... the accident. I don’t like to think about it even if it is five years now, it still stings. Nanna. Nanna we might lose her soon. Lung cancer. It’s so bad when your world is falling apart. I walk to the girl. She has long blonde hair that sways in the wind. Her pink flowery dress sways like her hair. I help her up. She stops crying and mounts her purple bike. As I watch her ride off, I am saddened by the thought of Izzy.
However, I manage to drift into my thoughts; they’re usually about strange things like whether a bee will make it back to its hive today or whether that lizard over there is a female or a male. Sometimes I think about mathematics or science. I stop... there is... a car coming towards the intersection before the busy markets. The car passes. I look right and left and right again. I cross the road with a slight spring in my step.
Quickly, I pass through the market because if you slow down, people shove food and knick knacks into your face. While I speed walk, I pass and older lady selling the most beautiful rings I have ever seen, but I move on, if I have some money left over from my shop I’ll buy one. People are crowding me. I run out of the market and reach the shop. There are ever so many things in here, fruits, vegetables cheese and meat; I am overwhelmed with the varieties of food. Somehow I manage to grab just the things I need and the medication for mum. She needs it all to help her get over Izzy. Poor mum. I purchase the items and I have enough to buy a ring… so I get one!
The walk home is just the same... until the sky turned black.

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