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The Mysterious Door (Short Story)

by Jorja Brown, Grade 56, NSW

“CLICK” went my bedroom door as I cautiously opened it to reveal a fluorescent light shining in my face. I was inquisitive about what was on the other side of this mysterious door. “CCRREEAAKK” the door went as I opened it. The fluorescent light faded. I stepped inside and...
I walked in closer. A gush of wind pushed me into a pit. I was getting dizzy. My mind stopped. It all went black.
I was on the cold floor. I laid there for a while and eventually I got up and walked around and found a door. I walked in and I found a... Deserted classroom. I looked around and found a pale white face. She disappeared and was sitting on a table. She had a name badge that was very old. It looked like it had been in a bombing. I could just read Mary—Anne.
We ran outside and we saw land mine going off as a plane came plunging to the ground.
On the plane I read “MY ANGEL”. I was shocked. That was my mother and father’s plane. I ran over to it and found no one in there. Through the dust on the window, I saw two figures running in the wind towards the headquarters. I ran after them and “CRACK BANG BOOM”...
An earthquake was splitting apart the battle field and the headquarters. I didn’t want to jump. Two hands were placed devotedly on my back and she whispered very softly in my ear. “Jump I know you can do this, you want to save your Mum and Dad”. I jumped and I just made it. I tripped. I had blood pouring out of my knee but I was still running towards the headquarters. I reached the big monstrous door. It opened as I was slamming my fist on it. I saw my Mother and Father. They were hurt, I went to see what was wrong. They were both heartbroken not hurt. I gave them the biggest hug that and we stayed like that for ten minutes.
Finally I was reunited with my family.

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