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The Terror Tornado (Short Story)

by Riley McDonnell, Grade 56, NSW

Whoosh went the barn as it got ripped out of the ground. Crack, ting, whoosh, went the iron roof of the house. “What was that?”
Screamed Billy, he ran upstairs and looked up. “Where did the ceiling and the roof go, ah oh! Get to the basement now!”
Billy ran downstairs to get his wife and son. CRACK! “NOOO!!!” screamed Billy... “How could this be happening, why whyyy? This is out of this world,” he said to himself.
He had to watch as his family was sucked up into the tornado of terror, going around and around until he couldn’t watch anymore. Billy was sobbing and sobbing as he thought, “Sammy is probably up there somewhere.”
Billy saw Sammy. “Sammy come here boy, come to dad boy,” he bellowed with relief. Billy jumped into his bug out vehicle with Sammy tagging along and went up to LA. But Billy heard on the radio, “If you’re headirg north, turn back now.”
Swoosh! “NOOO!!” yeIIed BiIIy, “NOOO!!”
CRUSH! Billy was crushed to death. The end

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