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Betrayal (Short Story)

by Jill Kung, Grade 7, VIC

My heart went into overdrive as the steady footsteps of the authorities approached until they were adjacent to us. I broke into a cold sweat as I clenched my clammy hands into fists. As Joel and I turned around, we were immediately faced with a waterfall that led straight into icy water.
Joel is an average 17 year old with a solid build, wild golden blond hair and piercing blue eyes. He wore sweatpants with a hoody and white converse to finish off his look. Joel grasped my hand and whispered, 'Do you trust me?' I nodded vigorously, I trusted him with all my heart.
We both took a step and leaped towards the icy cold water. I braced for impact. As I hit the icy water, I felt a huge sense of relief. As I resurfaced, I heard Joel coughing and spluttering. I grabbed his arm as he gave me his dazzling smile and reassured me that he was fine.
I went into a frenzy as I realised that we were being carried downstream! Joel desperately tried to calm me down as I pointlessly thrashed about trying in vain to get out of the water. Just then Joel screamed, 'KRAKEN!' As we both frantically swam for our lives, we came to a riverbank. The riverbank had luscious green grass with trees that looked as if they could touch the sky. Birds of every imaginable colour swarmed the trees, communicating with their beautiful, mesmerising and melodic singing.
We hurriedly scrambled out of the river. There we were warmly greeted by some serene and sincere Aboriginals. They had been hunting, when they heard our shriek. Joel's warm hands reassured me that everything was going to be ok. As we walked back to their base camp, my legs felt like they were set in cement.
After what felt like a millennium, we reached their base camp. The place was so serene and breathtaking. Everything was so natural and tranquil. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Joel transforming into a warlock? Everything attractive about him disappearing and being replaced by pure evil. 'Mwa hahahaha!'
'J-Joel? What happened to you?' His reply came in a cold raspy voice that sent fear down my spine. 'FOOLISH HUMAN! YOU FELL FOR EVERYTHING! I USED YOU TO HELP ME GET THIS FAR! YOU TRUSTED ME!' I stood there in shock, gaping at his words. Tears streamed down my cheek. 'I-I loved you! How could you do this?' Joel just gave a cold laugh. 'I will now be able to wipe out all human kind! Starting with you!' Just then, something clicked in my mind. The authorities! They were chasing us because of him! This forest is enchanted. That's why the place seemed so perfect. At that exact moment the authorities came rushing out, they had long gleaming swords in their hands. As everyone charged for Joel, he was left defenseless. The fight went on until what meant everything to me disappeared forever...

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