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Another World Lay Beyond The Portal (Short Story)

by Kenny Cao, Grade 5, NSW

As I penetrated deeper and deeper into the enchanted garden, I heard the leaves crackle as I trod on them. The scorching sunlight pierced my back like a knife. Suddenly, I stopped. In front of me stood a circular portal. Curious of what lay beyond, I slowly stepped in……
A brilliant shaft of light surrounded me. I found myself in a foreign world. I walked around, trying to see what was in this mythical terrain. Unexpectedly, a tall imposing dragon approached me from behind. As quick as lightning, I bolted, retreating from the red, malevolent beast. The dragon snarled and spat a fiery, bolt of red, hot flames; an inferno at me. I lunged sideways, just avoiding certain death. I knew I was outmatched. What could I do?
I continued to escape from the malicious dragon which chased me incessantly. Every time it got close, it spat another inferno at me. Soon, I became quite lethargic and exhausted. I had to think of a plan. One that would actually work. I slowly began to think of an idea……an escape plan which would take me to the cliff edge, and onto freedom.
Subsequently, I reached the precipice. I stood there, paralyzed, scared to jump. I had acrophobia, meaning a fear of heights. I knew that the dragon would be there, in any moment. I could hear his deafening roar getting closer and closer so I knew I had no choice but to jump. I slowly closed my eyes and I plunged down, down, down into the water.
I dived underneath the surface, swimming away from the dragon, stroke by stroke, searching for an area of refuge. I stared in horror, watching him gaze at me from the cliff edge. Then, he unfurled his wings. I watched, trembling as he lifted from the ground, his extended arms huge and menacing as he blocked out the sunlight. He started to fly towards me, his talons reaching threateningly, blocking my path. I felt weak and useless looking upon the wicked dragon which now loomed above me.
I reached up, gasping for fresh air. I knew that every stroke and every movement counted. Slowly, I came nearer and nearer towards the shore. I reached upwards, crawling onto the land and panting for breath. I quickly dashed for the portal. Time was racing.
Suddenly, I arrived back into the beautiful garden. Turning slowly, I looked back at the portal. On the other side stood the tall, majestic, red dragon waiting for my return……

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