Sad Boy

You fought away my demons,when all I did was cry. You said you'll always be there,my whole life is just a lie.They're going to come hurt me,and who's going to help me fight?I've lost my way in this world,without your guiding light.No one expected this,
that driver is a jerk.To take away my only friend,Brother, I hope your spirit will still lurk.I'm sorry I didn't go to the funeral,I didn't want to say goodbye.Then everything would feel real,you really did die.Mum's making me go to school,it's going to be tough without you.But for you I'll be strong,even though bravery is an issue.I made a friend today!First on since you.Let's hope it doesn't end the same,gone with no warning too.Shestood up for me against the bullies,when they tried to crack my skull.Maybe things will be different,my life not forever dull.I think I'm falling for her,more then I should.She' becoming my whole world,taking the place you once stood.I should've known nothing good ever happens,I don't want a relationship based on pity.No one will truly love me,They just join the 'fix him' committee.I take the words they say,I deserve everyone.Loser, waste of space, loner,I've lost motivation to run.They're bored of using words,now they tighten their fists.I deserve it all!Even the cuts along my wrists.Life has no meaning,live alone then die?
I'm sick of talking to your grave,time to join by your side.In loving memory of a very sad boy,who never saw the world's true light.As he alone,had too many demons to fight.