Ode To The Battle Of Long Tan

Excellence Award in the 'Spread The Word 2017' competition

20 year old men, who barely lived their lives
Forced to go to ‘Nam, no idea if they'd survive
Chosen from the ballot there was no escaping
Thanks to Whitlam’s term, families were left waiting

The mothers would weep for days on end
The only contact made from the letters they'd send
The men all distraught, having to leave home
Never had they ever felt more alone

They had landed in Vietnam, prepared to fight
Though the lucidity to do so just didn't feel right
Soldiers in helicopters that roared to life
All that was coming was a whole lot of strife

In the rubber plantation they defended our country
The Viet Cong attacked us quiet abruptly
Our nation now thanks you for all eternity
However you deserve much more than courtesy