Near Sucided

Kayla was up to get ready for school. Kayla didn't like school much. She didn't have many friends and was teased a lot. She didn't Mind as it wasn't bad and she knew she was there to work. In her darkest days she had no one to go to. Her father passed away when she was 7 and her mother was abusive and a alcoholic. She had an older brother who loved Kayla but he recently moved away for college, it it was Kayla against the world.

At 7 she woke up like normal and got ready for school. Today was her mothers birthday but Kayla was unable to say "happy birthday" because her mother was still in bed when she left for school. Kayla was in 9th grade and all of the girls in her grade teased her. Kayla's first lesson was maths. One girl was called "Harmony". Kayla didn't like her. She was rude, especially Kayla. Harmony shoved Kayla to the ground, laughed then stepped over her. She had never done that before. She was violent. Harmony usually glares and trash talks. Kayla stood up and sat in her seat. At recess, Harmony went up to Kayla and slapped her across the face. Kayla drop to the ground in sheer horror as she and her friends start kicking her. A crowd formed and no one helped Kayla.

By lunch, Kayla had cuts and bruises all over her. Kayla was terrified so she stayed in the bathroom until the end of the day. The bell rung and Kayla ran as fast as she could through the hallways and out to the oval where she had to cross the get home. As the end of the oval came, Kayla felt a tug on her bag. She turned around to see both of Harmony's best friends holding her bag. They pulled her to the ground. Harmony caught up and pulled Kayla up and turned her around. Right in front of her was a huge dog poo. Soon her face was in it. Kayla got up and ran home. She had enough.

At home her mum was on the couch watching T.V. Her mother turned around but Kayla ran to the bathroom, locked the door and looked in the mirror. She got out her scissors and started to cut her wrist. There was blood everywhere. She heard banging on the door but it didn't stop her. She started on her thighs and all of a sudden the door came crashing down. Standing in the door way was her brother. He look terrified to see his little sister cutting herself. He pulled her into a tight hug. He told her they would get through this together no matter how hard it is. 3 years down the track and her mother stopped drinking and Kayla moved to a new school, with a new friend all because of her brother. She couldn't be happier.

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