Macbeth's Downfall

A good man at first Macbeth was, but soon turned evil with greed
With a prophecy whispered, three witches had planted a seed
His downfall would be by a man it would be down with an ungrateful deed for revenge on this great man
He was determined to be the king for the new fallen land
Determined to take it with blood on his hands
His trusted wife at his side forcing hand all the way
Killing all in his way through till light of day
Making all who feared run away
Coming to the top through his own way
Thrashing all who stood in is way down to a spec in a drain
Murder his friend when he was away at dinner to make his stay
The three witches came back into his brain to whisper that his stay was over
By the moving trees and a child not born from women to come to his kingdom to end his rule for ungrateful king
He slaughtered the king’s family to make his permanent then the two king’s son’s heard
On they marched to bring war to the new king to end his rule and claim what is theirs’
The trees moved as the king’s wife jumped from the top of a new height
As a man marched, to claim what was his the king was slaughtered and he took what was his