Macbeth Poem

A good man at first, soon Macbeth showed his worst.
The prophecy the witches gave, lead him to dig his very own grave.
Death of the king, blade in his hand, Macbeth began to take over Scotland.
Murderous Macbeth full of greed, he abandoned his loved ones at the feed.

The pain he caused, blood began to pour,
His wife Lady Macbeth ended her life- jumping and hitting the floor.
Killing with the knives, he found out that his wife had ended her life.
The rulers of England plotted a plan, to kill Macbeth with their bare hands.

Macbeth said anyone that is born from women, could not kill him.
Which made him determined to be free from sin.
The metal blade inserts his heart, Macbeth is now dead and this is the new part
A new king is born; he is a man, now the world is greater in his hands.