"Turn left,” squawked Alex, bolting around a corner. I sprinted as hard as my legs would allow, eating up the gravel beneath my feet. Mr Will gradually began gaining speed and I could sense him endeavouring to take grasp of my ankle length hair.
We should have run away from the orphanage on Monday. Once we’re captured we will be sleeping with the filthy rats. If only we had a home.
His mischievous laugh sent a bolt of lightning through my belly. Alex continued to sprint down the swarming street, zigzagging between people, while holding my hand. “Keep going sis,” encouraged Alex.
A high pitched whistle made me feel alarmed. “Ow,” we both cried in unison. A dark figure stood directly opposite us. I stood precisely level with his chest and instantly noticed the silver, star shaped badge, which said…sheriff.
Alex stiffened dramatically and swung his fists straight into the sheriff’s nose. Crimson blood oozed out as he tried to open his eyes. Behind us we heard a flamboyant, warrior cry so we turned and saw Mr Will leaning in to grab us, like a zombie. Alex side stepped and I copied. Mr Will tripped over Alex’s foot and went face first onto the unlevelled gravel. Before I had a chance to laugh, Alex snatched my arm and we both ran. “Where are we going?” I questioned, discounting the excruciating pain in my legs. A sob caught in my throat as I sprinted faster.
Before long, numerous people joined the chase. We quickly veiled behind an old barrel, while we caught our breath. I looked behind the barrel to see if they were there. “Where now?” I asked. “This way,” answered Alex, pointing in the direction of the dock.
The ship to Australia was just ahead. Now I know why we’re at the docks. Nearing the ship, we saw a ladder going on board. We crept towards it. I gripped the railings and lifted my feet off the ground. “Go,” rushed Alex, giving me a shove.
The same people from before were approaching. “Faster,” he shrieked. I held firm, and climbed as fast as conceivable, but it was almost impossible. My legs kept quivering, probably from adrenaline. The people were so close now. I think they had spotted us. The boat sounded the horn. HONK! “Alex, we’re not going to make it,” I sobbed, trying to stay focused. Alex jumped off the ladder and stared at me. His features softened.
“I’ll find you. There is no face like yours.” In a flash he ran towards the men then down an ally, leading them in the opposite direction. Waves of emotion swept over me.

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