Anger. Frustration. Exasperation. Nothing could define the fury that I felt in myself. Nothing could define the outraged emotions that crawled inside my mind. Nothing could define the selfishness that my nemesis had committed. Nothing could define my personality.
I looked around the filthy, contaminated area with its greedy robot-like soldiers marching with fear in their eyes and the unsurprising reflection of guilt and stinginess. The pollution from the downcast, slow factories shoots out into the sky like it was a dangerous firework threatening people to flee away. The red, polluted sky hanging from the invisible cords of hell and evilness scream out the unforgettable words of terror and madness.Everything seemed like it was controlled and dictated in a horrible manner. I sprinted quickly to the very end of the tall, lengthy building that towered over me like I was a cheap, uncared toy that was neglected. The building had intricate patterns all over it. I stared in wonder and amazement. What would a beautiful, exquisite construction be wasting it’s charming glory here? I walked slowly to the wall. But before I could even touch the great, fine looking pattern, a soldier appeared behind me. I couldn't understand what he was saying. But one thing for sure was that he was interested at my bracelet. I was about to run but my legs didn’t listen to me. I felt a strange connection tingling ing my body. Suddenly, I fell down to the cold, hard ground. All I remembered was a dull thud.
I woke up. The entire room was dark. Dark as the soul of the selfish leader who soon walked into the room. “What are you doing here?” I screamed. No answer. “ANSWER ME!” I screamed again. Still no answer. I glared at the figure who wore a black cloak that covered his whole body. His greasy hair lying on his head. He finally spoke. “ You don’t remember your dear uncle, do you? Last time I met you, you were 4 years old.” I stared at him confused. MY UNCLE? How could that be? My friend told me that my entire family died in a fire. “Where's my parents? My family? What about the fire? I asked. He sat down on an old, useless chair. “The fire. The fire was my weapon. I killed your parents. YOUR family. The only family you have now is that pathetic brat that does nothing for me. He only works here to keep himself alive. But he never knew that you were still alive. He never knew that YOU had the family bracelet.” I looked over at the boy standing underneath the light with his head bowed feeling guilty. “ I’m sorry Julian. I never knew that you survived. I’m your brother…”

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