A Big Day

It was the first day of the holidays and I woke up very excited because I was going fishing at the beach! I got ready super fast. Then I jumped on my Dad’s bed shouting “WAKE UP, WAKE UP” over and over until he got out of bed. Then we got in the car and we were off.

It took one hour to get to the beach and it was freezing. Anyway we set up on the rocks and started fishing. An hour later we had caught one salmon, eight clownfish and 5 plastic bags. I just caught another bag! “Oh rubbish, so much rubbish.” I thought. Then the tide came up and a rip started. My Dad said “We probably should pack up now son.” Then out of the blue a school of fish stuck in (another) plastic bag came racing through the rip and my fishing rod got caught on the plastic bag. I was still holding onto the rod as it came flying down into the water and my arm hit the rocks and then I fainted.

I woke up in hospital with a sling on my arm and my parents beside me. Turns out I broke my arm. The doctor told me that it should heal up in two weeks, and it did! “What a day!” I thought.


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