Fairy Tales

Fairy tales, they’re an essential part of our childhood. Everyone has had Red Riding Hood read to them at least once, and we all know the story of Rapunzel.

But what if the things that were depicted in these fairy tales? What if every day we’d see fairies and unicorns dancing around the meadows, and with them, terrible witches in houses of candy.

So then, what would the fairy tales of this world be? Would small children have stories read to them at night telling the details of our everyday lives? Perhaps, the bestselling book might be a story of how you managed to buy a new car.

So then, you might say, ‘But that’s ridiculous! Of course we aren’t living in a fairy tale, we’d know if we were!’

But let me ask you this.

Have you ever read a fairy tale where the characters know they’re in one?


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